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Gen Z buys more clothes than any previous generation in history. That’s why I propose to launch a campaign across America’s high schools and H&M stores to teach teenagers about the harmful impact of the fast fashion industry, and how they can reduce their impact by changing their buying behaviors to make the world a healthier, more mindful place.

People Pattern

To highlight the concept that people should blend into their environment instead of polluting it, I based my designs around a pattern of camouflaged human figures.

Student Hand-Out

A fun and informative flyer that teaches students how to sort their clothing so they keep what they love, and get rid of what they don't need in a responsible way.

Fold Line


Mother's Day Brunch

Gratitude Journal

The best way to combat consumerism is through gratitude. So I made a little journal to help students appreciate what they have instead of chasing what they don't need.

Donation Experience

I designed a custom donation bag and a clothing recycling truck.

H&M Partnership

H&M is the most sustainable fast fashion company in the world. I created a brand extension called Sustained, which features 100% recycled clothing.

H&M Online Checkout

Online shoppers will get a reminder that if they donate a bag of clothing, they'll save 15% on their order.

H&M In-Store