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Gen Z buys more clothes than any previous generation in history. That’s why I proposed to launch a campaign across America’s high schools and H&M stores to teach young people about the harmful environmental effects created by the fast fashion industry, and how we can reduce our impact by changing our buying behaviors to make the world a healthier, more mindful place.

People Pattern

To highlight the concept that people should blend into their environment (instead of polluting it), I based my designs around a pattern of camouflaged human figures.

Student Hand-Out

A fun and informative flyer that teaches students how to sort their clothing so they keep what they love, and get rid of what they don't need in a responsible way.

Fold Line


Mother's Day Brunch

Donation Experience

I designed a custom donation bag and a clothing recycling truck.

H&M Partnership

H&M is the most sustainable fast fashion company in the world, recycling over 95% of their unsold garments. That's why I created an H&M brand extension called Sustained, which features 100% recycled clothing.

H&M Online Checkout

Online shoppers will get a reminder that if they donate a bag of clothing, they'll save 15% on their order.

Gratitude Journal

The best way to combat consumerism is through gratitude. So I made a little journal to help students appreciate what they have instead of chasing what they don't need.​  |  Tel: 770-241-0178