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Scope by Chase

A Teen's First Chance at Finance

Wise money management doesn't come naturally to most people, especially teenagers. That's why we created Scope: a debit card and app that teaches teens financial literacy. Scope allows parents to monitor their kids' spending, and rewards them when they accomplish their financial goals. Because setting yourself up for future success can never come too early.

Creative Circus student show: Best in Design

Creative Circus student show: Gold (design)


Other members of the dream team:

Daniel Hunley

Zabrina Quidiello

Shelby Miller

The+Design-01 (1).jpg

Direct Mailers

Separate mailers created for parents and teens

Debit Cards

Teens get the opportunity to choose from our custom debit card designs.

Welcome Package

This is what teens receive after they sign up.

It's complete with a wallet, a checkbook, and their very first debit card with their name on it.

Brand Book

App Experience